28. 02. 2008

I’m starting to think past Sarah Lawrence College and I don’t know what I can see. I’ve been looking into MA and MFA programs out of fear of committing to a Ph.D program (assuming I would even be accepted). I still have yet to take or practice for the GRE …and I just don’t know. I have a list of schools and programs, NYU and CUNY seem to be the best bets, but I need to do a lot more research. Also, this I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just look for a job and take a break for some time. Or should I just leave New York/the US already? Sigh. Any good suggestions for graduate programs and fellowships?


26. 02. 2008

The Women’s History graduate program hosted a networking dinner this evening devoted to linking first-year students with current program faculty. The underlying purpose of this program was really to begin thinking about potential thesis advisers for next year.

So far, I’ve shared my thesis topic with only a few individuals. I was honestly concerned that is was too simple or predicable, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So I think it’s time to reveal some of my current academic developments, including my thesis topic.

I started this semester with a change in my curriculum, shifting my elective from Race in a Global Context to The Caribbean and The Atlantic World. I will not get into the personal reasons for the change, but I will say that this shift was probably one of the best things I have ever done (academically). I am so happy to return to my roots in Latin American and Latin@ studies. And this shift has definitely inspired me to not only turn to my roots for my thesis, but also possibly travel there during the summer.

Next academic year, my master’s thesis will be focused on the intersections of queer and nationalist politics and performance in Cuba. As part of my research, I intend to use Sarah Lawrence’s travel license to conduct research for a few weeks in La Habana, Cuba.

I hope everything will work out with my thesis and travel plans, but let’s see what the future has in store.


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